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Elevate your Whiskey Experience with our Price Infused WTI Glasses

Sip and Time Travel

Our first edition hand-crafted WTI Glass features oil prices charted over the last 26 years with historical boom and bust event markers.

Perfect for sipping scotch neat or enjoying an old fashioned, these tumblers have a heavy base and a quiet elegance that brings modern flair to your home bar.

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  • The Idea

    Welcome to the oil industry, where the only thing more unpredictable than crude prices is the office coffee maker. It's a world where one day you're high-fiving your colleagues over skyrocketing profits, and the next day you're consoling each other with tissues as prices plunge faster than a cat avoiding a bath. It's a rollercoaster ride that makes your morning commute feel like a stroll in the park. So, grab your hard hat and a glass of your favorite bourbon – in the oil industry, we laugh through the spills and drill through the chills!

  • The Oil

    So what makes crafting an oil and gas glass worth all the fuss? The unsung hero of the global economy – crude oil. It's the secret sauce that keeps everything running. Crude oil is the MVP in industry, commerce, and transportation, basically the rockstar everyone wants at their party. The wild dance of crude oil prices? It's like the stock market doing the cha-cha – impacting everything from inflation to trade balances, and economic stability is in the front row taking notes. This fossil fuel isn't just a mere energy source; it's the superhero powering our vehicles, heating our homes, and saving the day for countless industries. Crude oil is basically the Beyoncé of commodities, an absolute essential and influencer in the modern world. So, next time you fill up your tank or turn on the heat, give a little nod to our unsung hero, the mighty crude oil – making the world go 'round, one barrel at a time!

  • The Product

    Gathering over a glass of whiskey is like the secret handshake of the oil industry—because nothing says "let's drill for success" quite like clinking glasses filled with liquid gold. It's a setting where professionals can share insights, form collaborations, and discuss critical industry matters in a relaxed environment. The camaraderie that forms around the table can lead to invaluable relationships, business opportunities, and the exchange of knowledge. As the amber liquid flows, bonds are forged, ideas are exchanged, and the oil industry's growth and innovation find fertile ground. Whiskey, in this context, serves as a conduit for networking, making it not just a drink but a cornerstone of progress and unity in the oil sector.

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