About Us

Welcome to my world of energy and innovation! I'm passionate about the oil and gas industry and fascinated by the power it holds in shaping our world for decades to come. My mission is to share this enthusiasm with you and make learning about energy an engaging and enjoyable experience, maybe by having a glass of your favorite bourbon.

Like an old wildcatter I like to explore, I'm constantly seeking new ways to create something unique in the energy space. Whether it's exploring innovative technologies, unraveling the complexities of the oil industry, or devising fun and interactive ways to educate, I'm on a journey to spread the word about our industry

Join me as we delve into the dynamic and ever-evolving world of energy. Let's not just understand it but celebrate it, appreciating the impact it has on our lives. Together, let's turn learning about energy into an adventure – cheers to the oil industry and all the men and women out there that work so hard everyday to keep the world spinning!